About Us

At the heart of the greened Park Peres in Holon, one step away from the ”La Park” entertainment and recreation complex, resides the Holon Toto Arena – home for sports, culture and entertainment events as well as social conferences and conventions. Since its establishment in 2015, the Arena, which spans over an area of 13,000 square meters, has hosted festivals, television productions, independent productions, gymnastic events, international basketball games, weddings and an unforgettable performance by Eyal Golan.

In addition to the giant events hosted in it, the Holon Toto Arena also serves as the home arena of the “Hapoel Unet Holon” municipal basketball team. Besides the main Hall (the Arena) and the secondary Hall (the Hangar), the Toto Holon comprises four locker (dressing) rooms, operation rooms, a conference hall and a meeting hall, all very elegant and equipped with modern instruments and equipment that enable conducting trainings and training camps at national and international levels. In 2016, a substantial upgrade of the lighting, acoustic and communication systems in the Hall and the Arena were carried out, in order to adjust them to live TV broadcasts.

The Holon Toto Arena is managed by the ”Park Peres Administration”, an integral part of the “Recreation and Entertainment (Holon) Ltd.”, which manages 15 centers throughout the city. Since the Hall’s inauguration, dozens of highly-publicized events, political conventions, independent productions as well as giant productions such as the “Survivor” finale, the “Next Star” (“HaKokhav HaBa”) finale and the Cyber Championship finals of the Ministry of Education, were held in it. Throughout the year, the Hall hosts festivals, exhibitions, tournaments of the league’s administration, international basketball games (FIBA’s Basketball Champions League) as well as shows and performances. In 2016, even the Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships and two international rhythmic gymnastics competitions were held at the Hall, and during May 2018, the international “Grand Prix” rhythmic gymnastics competition will be held in it.